Jun. 22nd, 2012

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After 12 (count 'em) 12 weeks of holdups I'm finally in a place of my own at last. This is a break, need I remind you, that was meant to last a fortnight. I've had summer holidays at highschool that were shorter. Apparently the main cause of all this bullshit was not -as I had suspected- the fact that my parents were living abroad, but the woman who owned the flat before us. I don't know most of the technical stuff on how she f'd up, but here's one demonstrative example - she wanted to finish the sale of the flat and then give her tenants their four-week notice to move out. I don't think I need to tell you what's wrong with that plan.

So here I am, and it turns out the flat's not so bad - sure it's mildewy in places and it needed a good clean (and still needs a bit of decoration) but it's a roof over my head. Mum in particular seemed concerned that I wasn't being very OMG!excited what's to say? It's circumstance; not something I'm choosing to do but that is required. Besides, I'd rather have gone with a flat and grown to love it over time than go for a flat I fell in love with then be disappointed. And I am indeed growing to like this place. The kitchen and living room are nice and big, the bedroom won't be sportsfield green forever and I have a whole room now to work on my paintings. Yesterday and today I even got my broadband, phoneline and TiVO-equivalent BT package up and running. All I need now are hot water (a guy is coming "at some point") and a washing machine ([personal profile] scarelyquinn has generously offered to help me out with that) and I'll be set.

There is something however which, though it's a fantastic windfall, I'm uncomfortable about accepting (even though anyone else would consider me certifiable for not accepting with open arms).What's the problem THIS time, Rob?... )

FFS self. The more things change, eh?

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Woah, that last post took a negative tun fast, so I'll mention a few fun things to lighten the mood. By which I mean troll the stuff I've been enjoying for the lulz. Yeah, positive!

I've been keeping up with Avatar: The Legend of Korra and I'm loving it to pieces, but it's hard not to feel like you're the only one who does. Pretty much the only Fandom stuff I do apart from read Fandom!Secrets is Capslock ATLA and there is sooo much hate going on for this show right now. It's sad because I remember how excited the fandom was for anything new in the way of Avatar (after a film so reportedly bad I'm not even gonna see it because I know I'll hate it) but now what, what they're getting isn't good enough for some people? Also, much as I love my "Delectable Tea?" icon, can someone PLEASE direct me to a LoK icon post? I feel left out.

In more positive news, I treated myself to both seasons of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex after loving the first season, and I've finally gotten season one of Fringe - I was looking for it on Netflix or Lovefilm but the nearest I could find was buying it on the Playstation Network for £1.80 an episode (nearly $3). Aww hell naww. Speaking of which I'm also up to Season 5 of The X Files which is continuing to be entertaining despite a handful of really dumb episodes (such as Mind's Eye and that fucking Cher episode).

It's been more of a mixed bag on this front. I got Little Big Planet and am hoping to trick my friends into coming over and playing it, since I now have the holy trinity of of A) a multiplayer game, B) the means to play online with people, and C) some friends I would actually want to play with. Sure I've had Bioshock 2 for some time now (for which over half of the trophies are multiplayer-based) but I don't think I could trick my friends with a Ps3 into playing an FPS if their lives depended on it. I also got The Orange Box so that I could play Portal at long last (I've never had the right hardware for PC games). It's as engrossing as I've heard, although I was disappointed that it turned out to be seemingly a spin-off of Half Life (which also came with it, though only Part 2. WTF?).

On the flipside, at the same time as that last one I got a grade-A piece of shovelware, Mobile Suit Gundam: Target in Sight. That one's so bad I'm not going to even talk about it, it's so lame. Lastly, a couple of days ago I bought then beat Batman: Arkham City. Yeah, I know, behind the times, but my friends have been playing it and I wanted to jump onto the bandwagon. I dunno, though... there's just something that hasn't clicked with me about it. I still completed story mode in two sittings, don't get me wrong, but there's not quite the same charm as there was before. Maybe part of it is that there's sooo fucking much to do. And I don't mean "that you can do :)", I mean "stuff that needs to be done :(" For example, after I rescued this one guy and was off to get a tool upgrade before getting on with the story I got a phonecall that meant I had to run to the other side of the city in 1:30 or lose the game. As I took off I bumped into a guy who watches you but couldn't talk to him or note on the map where he was BECAUSE TIME LIMIT and on the way to the place I had to get to I had to stop a mugging. Sheesh! Thank goodness I wasn't going for one of the FOUR HUNDRED BONUS TROPHIES at the same time.

Brief, spoiler-containing aside... )

See! Wasn't that positive?

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