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So I chilled out after the benefits thing last night, but then this afternoon I watched an episode of Ancient Aliens which got me almost as pissed off for purely academic reasons (does it make me laugh because it's bullshit or because it's giving me a brain tumor?). So I figured I'd post some quotes from my current Game of the Now, Zoids: Legacy. Specifically some of the weird broken English from the lousy translation that might amuse you. These are things that the characters yell whileeither shooting or being shot at. And it goes without saying that none of these typos, missing punctuation or complete lack of sense are from me.

At shooting, yes. At English...?

Mercenary 1 (being shot at) - Ha!
Mercenary 2 (Getting hit)- Ha?
Soldier (dying) - Ha-Ha

Zan (firing) - Ugh!
Mercenary 3 (being killed)- Ugh!

Zan (dodging) - & this!

Moonbay ('yelled' while attacking)
I'm a supplier
I like making money
What? I too yell things from my two-sentence character bio when I attack people.

Gun ho!
Ready for Gattai? CHANGEMIZE!
             All: CHANGEMIZE!

Claudia (while dodging)
me, lose?

(while being hit) we must
(attacking) We do it!

Max (attacking) - terrible

Some camp guy riding a scorpion
(attacking) - Hee-hee! Resist me!

Wild Zoids
(Attacking) Grr!
(Being hit) Grr, grr!
(Dying) Grr, grr...
Zan (attacking them) - Grr!

Date: 2012-04-03 11:48 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] scarelyquinn
I miss your academic rants sometimes, it was good having somebody about who did that too. Though you usually managed to do it without frothing at the mouth as much as me. Nothing as therapeutic as a timely 'ancient crappy videogame' session.

I really do hope you're feeling calmer about the benefits thing. I know it's got you down a lot, but all you have to do is be honest and the results follow. Being honest shouldn't be something anybody has to worry about, and you happen to be particularly good at it. xx

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