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  1. I'm thinking of trying some of the games in the Mass Effect and Fallout series, since I've heard so much about them. But since I'm a PS3 user I'd have to start with ME2 and either Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas. To those of you who've played either franchise, is it possible to dip into those series at that point, or will I completely lose the plot?
  2. I played the opening bit of Metal Gear Solid 3 this evening, since I've had it waiting unused on my shelf for a long time. I'm trading it and MGS2 in tomorrow and getting the HD 3-pack of them and Peace Walker so I thought I'd whet my appetite first. But you know how one sometimes thinks of an offhand joke, then can't get it out of their head? Well I thought to myself "So he's called Snake because he eats snake meat, huh? Just as well he wasn't fond of Potato Chips." Now I'm a hair's breadth away from writing up a fic outline for Potato C.R.I.S.P* Solid: Tactical Appetizer Action (*Covert Recon, Infiltration & Special Procedures).
            So I guess my question is (*sigh*) "What flavour crisp would each of the MGS characters be?" I hate my brain sometimes.
Salted Chip, your mission is to infiltrate the base of your nemesis, Barbecue Chip. He and his unit SIX-PACK, went crinkle-cut after the war...
etc etc etc

Date: 2012-08-30 04:11 am (UTC)
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You can definitely pick up Mass Effect 2 and start from there. There's even a little interactive comic thingy that you can go through that lets you get a feel for the first game and some of the decisions that carry over into ME2.

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