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So I took a plunge last week and bought Far Cry 3. Not a big plunge by regular standards, but due to a limited income buying a current-gen game within a year of its release is something I almost never do. But since the PSN took £7.99 of my money that I couldn't get back I decided to spend it on the DLC for this one and save my second choice, the new Tomb Raider since it turns out it isn't about rape after all, for another time. And I'm glad I went with this one, since it turned out to be not only one of my new favorite games but also a lot smarter than it gets credit for. Here, let me show you why.

Note: In the following the very few outright spoilers will be in tiny tiny text while the following as a whole will be under the cut, since there doesn't seem to be HTML shortcuts for spoiler tags like black highlights etc.

In which I argue Far Cry 3 is better than Apocalypse Now. Well, kinda... )

So ultimately this game made me truly think about myself and my actions, and the world around me. And really, that's the highest recommendation I can ever give a piece of media.
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  1. I'm thinking of trying some of the games in the Mass Effect and Fallout series, since I've heard so much about them. But since I'm a PS3 user I'd have to start with ME2 and either Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas. To those of you who've played either franchise, is it possible to dip into those series at that point, or will I completely lose the plot?
  2. I played the opening bit of Metal Gear Solid 3 this evening, since I've had it waiting unused on my shelf for a long time. I'm trading it and MGS2 in tomorrow and getting the HD 3-pack of them and Peace Walker so I thought I'd whet my appetite first. But you know how one sometimes thinks of an offhand joke, then can't get it out of their head? Well I thought to myself "So he's called Snake because he eats snake meat, huh? Just as well he wasn't fond of Potato Chips." Now I'm a hair's breadth away from writing up a fic outline for Potato C.R.I.S.P* Solid: Tactical Appetizer Action (*Covert Recon, Infiltration & Special Procedures).
            So I guess my question is (*sigh*) "What flavour crisp would each of the MGS characters be?" I hate my brain sometimes.
Salted Chip, your mission is to infiltrate the base of your nemesis, Barbecue Chip. He and his unit SIX-PACK, went crinkle-cut after the war...
etc etc etc

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