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Name:Rob Ferguson
Birthdate:Sep 17
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Website:My Occultism Blog
I'm an occultist, trained as an anthropologist, currently unemployed, occasionally an archaeologist, often a historian, and used to work in a library. I performed a lay exorcism once. I'm pretty sure it worked. I also do commissioned artworks, models and writing, as well as articles on titbits of the occult etc that usually get passed over. None of which has yet to earn me any money. When I find the time after all that, I also play videogames, read comics and listen to music.

It's the fruits of all that washes up in my journal. Like a Bloody Mary made from old books, turps and pizza. Enjoy!

Interests (132):

ai yazawa, alan moore, amputation, anime, anthropology, asian horror, avatar: the last airbender, bisexuality, books, boris, bruce springsteen, buffy the vampire slayer, chaos magic, charlie brooker, charmed, chuck palahniuk, classical music, comic books, cowboy bebop, csi, cthulhu mythos, cyberpunk, d'espairs ray, dark fantasy, david bowie, dir en grey, discordianism, donna tartt, due south, dylan moran, dystopianism, edgar allen poe, elegant gothic lolita, eyepatches, fairy tales, farscape, fetish culture, final fantasy, firefly, folklore, fullmetal alchemist, gaming, gonzo literature, good omens, grant morrison, graphic novels, h. p. lovecraft, hayao miyazaki, hellblazer, hellsing, hignfy, himym, house, house md, hunter s thompson, isao takahata, j-rock, japan, jrock, left-hand path religions, legacy of kain games, lgbt, lian hearn, liquor, listening to music, lord of the rings, lost, magic, mahayana buddhism, manga, mononoke, music, mysticism, mythology, naruto, natsume yuujinchou, neil gaiman, neurosis, neverwhere, nick cave, nine inch nails, occultism, occulture, outlaw star, placebo, poetry, post-rock, postmodernism, qi, rammstein, real ale, religion, requiem for a dream, resident evil, revolutionary girl utena, roleplaying, rosicrucianism, rpgs, ryunoske akutagawa, samurai champloo, sandman, satanism, sci fi, shingo2, silent hill, smut, steampunk, supernatural, surrealism, tea, ted hughes, terry pratchett, the animatrix, the far side, the last samurai, the occult, the smashing pumpkins, theosophy, tsuchie, tweed, underground hiphop, urban legends, vampire hunter d, visual kei, werewolf: the apocalypse, white wolf, wolf's rain, world music, world of darkness, wraith: the oblivion, wu tang clan, yume nikki
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